Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Liberty and End of Human Sacrifice

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mimicking one’s own imagination, that is the true magic of life

Human sacrifice is an act that has been used throughout human history. The basis around a human sacrifice is that if some humans are sacrificed at the alter, those doing the sacrifice, the elite of the priestly establishment under the supervision of the elite in the political establishment, those doing the sacrifice hope to gain favor in terms of better harvests, higher profits, more treasure, more wealth, favors from the unknown, that is basically what a human sacrifice is.

Human sacrifice is one of the oldest sacrifices known, taking the life of another human in a ritualistic performance. Ever since ancient times humans have learnt of the usefulness of mimicking the gods and have human sacrifices in their political systems to enjoy the benefits of human sacrifices in order for the elite to enjoy wealth, position, and entitlements through human sacrifices. This is usually in religious scriptures where an elite claim their positions from some higher consciousness and all others must provide for them. Most religions have some form of the caste system.

Human sacrifice has been included in most political systems of humanity, and the human sacrificers always show us their ugly mindset, far from frequencies associated with freedom, or even a respect for freedom. They show absolute disdain for liberty, but always talk of liberty, they mean liberty for themselves and the enslavement of others. Everybody saw elite families being saved with the trillion dollar bailouts from George Bush Jnr. An entire society was sacrificed in order for elite families to continue to enjoy champagne and marijuana at the cost of every other citizen, not only that, but the monetary interference and the trickle down economics the bailouts are based on, government crowding out resources and passing them on to the elite, and then the same benefactors of this human sacrifice, a far more appropriate term than corruption, these same folks then create studies for why there is rising income inequality when they have just sucked all the resources and benevolently provide money for a study. Foundations created by stolen wealth, stolen from those sacrificed for the supposed benefit of those sacrificed. 

The systems are designed to sacrifice humans, and this is done from the very top and presented as good for you. This system of sacrificing other humans has been in place since human beings replaced the gods and instead of sacrificing to gain favor from the gods, humans are now sacrificed for these humans who have replaced the gods, humans are sacrificed for an elite to enjoy unrestricted pleasures in life, fulfill their every fancy, have luxuries beyond imagination, collect treasures of which only a handful exist, the reason for the sacrifice remains the same as in ancient times, this mimicking the gods has been a major cause for human strive, if not the only one, humans do not enjoy being sacrificed for the benefit of other humans, they want to leave their own dreams and not fulfill the dreams of others only.

Every time one hears words like genetically superior, ordained by the gods, chosen by the gods, superior religion, that is the high priest defending a sect and all others must be sacrificed to these new gods so that these new gods can enjoy life and all it has to offer. A racist is merely somebody sacrificing others so that they may enjoy the bounty of the earth at the misery of the other race or races that must be sacrificed at the alter. Then a boiler maker, a carpenter from that chosen race can act like they are so intelligent when speaking to somebody far more knowledgeable from a different race, only possible by sacrificing the more intelligent from other races such that a high school dropout who becomes a carpenter thinks somehow they are smart merely by the color of their skin. It is part of the game of sacrificing other humans, such that the lowliest mind can think they are superior to superior minds not because of deeds but because others are to be sacrificed, the very reason why slave owners never wanted slaves to go to school, slaves are to be sacrificed, that is all what colonialism and imperialism are about to this day. 

It's all the same, be it race, sexism, religion, ethnicity, an elite is sacrificing other humans in order to seeks comforts and have no competition in seeking the comforts of life, the pleasures of life, the benefits of growth of the mind, absolute evil. 

No matter how smart somebody is from a lower caste, they are already judged and controlled from birth such that they cannot compete with those who claim to be from a higher caste, made by different evolutionary process perhaps, or just a con game to sacrifice other humans for their comforts.

Only liberty can deliver us from these systems of human sacrifice. A culture of liberty will lend itself to a more humble people accepting that none is superior to another and that society works when all contribute to the best of their efforts. The elite have to stop mimicking the gods and demand that others sacrifice for them, instead they should allow people to mimic their own imagination, that is all what life is, mimicking one’s own imagination, that is the true magic of life, not to be given permission to mimic one’s own imagination, but to mimic one’s own imagination as a right for being a human being. 

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Liberty, Logic and New Age Enlightenment

What is now considered as New Age thinking, that one day may be considered conservative thinking, is a thinking whereby humans consider themselves as spiritual than religious, awakening as thinking beings, that everything is connected, and mostly claims an individual's rights, as life is an individual's journey. They consider earth and humans in general in entering a great period of awakening. 

Those in the main of this new age movement believe that one day science will prove them right, a core scientific principle to their believe system is the double slit experiment in physics. Apparently our consciousness makes basic phenomenon behave like a wave or  particle. When not being observed a phenomenon like light behaves like a wave, when being observed it behaves like a particle, this points out to our consciousness having a direct effect on physical phenomenon, we can control the physical with our consciousness, with our minds, the dream of wizards, shaman, witches for millennia.

Though every single human being is different, there is something common to all human beings, our mind seemingly will affect the behavior of basic particles, the behavior of basic information. These new age people talk about the frequency of the universe and how we must be in tune with this fact through means such as meditation, it’s about personally as individuals being in tune with the universe, the basic frequency of the universe. But is this even a logical statement if we are to accept this new age principles of humans having unique frequencies, everything having unique frequencies, because all this starts with basic particles having a frequency, meaning everything has some frequency because everything is composed of basic particles, and as no two events are the same frequency of two similar pebbles will have different frequencies, but to all intents and purposes the frequencies could be considered the same, but at the greatest detail there is a big difference that is why there are two of them.

Two human beings have two different frequencies, all the meditation in the world will not make them have the same frequency, the mind is affected by different events, societal as well as individual experiences. Two twins living together have two different experiences affecting their frequencies, one could have been dropped by the mother and the other one not dropped. Frequencies therefore are changing from instant to instant, but the main patterns can be picked out.

Our brain waves are all different, but as humans we all have a frequency that is such that its range lies all of humanity, this range of frequency is such that whatever human observes basic phenomenon, basic information, that information will behave as a particle when observed, and as a wave when not being observed. Clearly our consciousness seems to play a huge part in this phenomenon, though with all our differences there is scientific commonality that any of us can alter the behaviour of basic information in a major way, we all fall in the range of frequencies that affect this information. It is important to understand these ranges because that is basic though of course further analysis after the basic range shows incredible uniqueness, just go and look at brain scans at a hospital, all the brain waves have different frequencies, but there is a common strand of information that we posses that all our frequencies affect the behaviour of basic information like photons.

To try and convince ourselves think of two bolts coming out from a factory, the bolts are identical in every way. One bolt is left outside in the rain and the other in a safe storage, though the two are bolts their frequencies will be very different, one has worn away more than the other. If bolts can have different frequencies, then imagine the variety in human beings.

It is this range that is important because all our frequencies are different but as we now understand we all fall in a certain range that affects say a photon, basic information. This concept of ranges should be split further, the human baby is born with frequencies that wane or are strengthened over time. If nurtured a frequency could tune in with many things, the way of science, arts, and all sorts of disciplines, athletics, and the such, a human tunes in to a certain frequency giving them abilities to be an accountant, architecture, code writer, athletic, though athleticism to a large extent depends on physical genes, a different frequency from the mind, it is natural though it needs proper training and nurturing and this needs correct mental frame in tune with perfecting the body for that athletic task.

More mental stuff like medical researcher, sociological researcher, these take mental nurturing, the right frequency range to being a medical researcher, the right mental frequency to research cosmic phenomenon, the right frequency to be a mathematician, the right frequency to be a doctor. These frequencies need to be nurtured, these general frequencies because you will find again all doctors have unique brain waves but all have the general frequency of being a doctor tuned in with their personal frequencies.

When we talk of humans being at their full potential we are talking of a political system that allows this, a peasant would be very well born with the reality that if nurtured properly they would tune in with the frequency of being a banker, but the laws and culture of the society do not allow it, that potential is burnt out and never is tuned into because of culture, that neglected frequency of being a senator wasted because of culture and legal system is a part of culture but not the entire thing concerning culture, racism can be legal or illegal, but the wider laws of cultural laws allow people to remain racists even though it is removed from the statute books.

Liberty removes those cultural laws and allows a human to tune into the frequency of their mind, athleticism requiring more than just mind but actual physical abilities. More mental stuff requires tuning, a boxer is more than just physical, he must know how to box, just as the discoverer of new information must know how to differentiate information in order to see something new. But a boxer has ability to discover new information even mentally tuned properly, but one who discovers new information need not necessarily be able to be an athlete because being an athlete requires more than just right mental framework, it requires physical ability as well, two different frequencies. Whilst mental stuff requires mostly a brain no physical ability, Stephen Hawking has proved that but Stephen Hawking can never be a champion 100 meter runner, but the champion 100 meter runner can be a cosmic investigator. Remember the double slit experiment, it is merely a mental frequency nothing to do with physical ability, the cripple and the very fittest has the frequency to affect the behavior of a photon, it is merely a mental effort, all human beings can observe.

All human beings have the ability to observe. This is proven by the double slit experiment. This is a hideous and extremely powerful concept, this is controlling matter just by thought, a mental effort, zero physical ability needed. To control matter just by what seems as mere instinct, an ability available to all human beings, is a far greater achievement than any scientific discovery, but this mere ability to control a mere photon represents the ability that all humans have this ability to be in tune with the universe, the original information, all human beings have the ability to desire to know why they have this ability whilst they create all sorts of widgets from beads to smartphones, from stones to tanks, humans can easily tune in with the mental efforts of manipulating nature, they all have the ability to observe nature and at it’s most basic aspect affect nature so fundamentally that information changes from being a wave to being a particle, the mental frequency of every human being is capable of this instinct.

Liberty is the system that allows humans to be in tune with mental efforts best suited for them without any cultural hindrances. Afterall, the caste system of India has everything to do with anti liberty forces, just as feudalism, fascism and racism are anti liberty. Liberty is the freedom to tune into the frequency that best suits one’s survival, if culture is in the way, then one logically will be looking for third choice, tenth choice frequencies to tune into to make the best of their life.

The new age ideology therefore of freedom for all can never be without liberty, when we talk of frequencies, we must recognize that liberty is a mental thing. The village wrestling champion can end up is a world class psychologist, the village cripple can end up is a world class sociologist but never as the village wrestling champion. The frequencies of the two are different, but the wrestling champion and the cripple both have the mental frequency to become world class psychologists, they can both observe, a mental effort, this is proven by the double slit experiment.

Liberty deals with what one is allowed to tune into as a mental aspect, but the culture must allow people to be able to be nurtured to tuning into these frequencies, will society acknowledge the contribution, and that is a cultural aspect. Liberty is about culture of the land, if we are therefore all to reach our potentials, though our frequencies are different and will always be different, there are core frequency ranges that we can tune into to fulfill our life's as thinking beings. Liberty guarantees this.

Even as we enter the new age of enlightenment, individual enlightenment, this desire for freedom if we try to accept we are each different but similar, we understand this by looking at frequencies that each human being has, there are certain ranges of frequencies that all can tune to by learning, and we learn by observing, that is how knowledge is gained. Liberty is about allowing people to observe nature, the idea of only certain people can observe certain aspects of nature is way against liberty, and it is the key to oppressing people, and is the only tool for oppressing, denying people the right to observe and mimic what they observe if they so desire. Observing after all is about understanding nature and mimicking it, a science experiment is mimicking nature, starting a car industry is mimicking nature as one will be mimicking other humans who have built cars.

Liberty survives every age, because to enjoy every age, people must be free to do so, tune their frequencies to a range that they believe will best satisfy their lives and their potential to choose how they tune into life should not be hindered by culture in all its forms.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo 

Monday, August 8, 2016

Liberty and the rise of Free Humans

Every politician promises change, and it is always change for “the better.” If every politician is promising change that means for generations, across civilizations politicians have been promising the same thing, change for the better. It is time humans realized that change comes from the people deciding the way, and that comes and can only come from liberty.

The only idea that does not come with some establishment controlling the way is liberty, and that is the promise of liberty, that change will be determined by the people as liberty’s core promise is that all citizens are equal before the law, they are each valued equally by a political system.

Liberty/ freedom, means there is no establishment, there is no click controlling the political and therefore the economic system of the society, this is because the state is for everybody.

Volumes of words can be written about how it is not liberty to have a click controlling the state, a click getting bailouts and subsidies, a click controlling the purse of the state, all these arguments are a valid reason for demanding more liberty and freedom, however the most important argument for liberty is that liberty looks forward, it looks into the future.

Liberty and therefore freedoms hidden power is that it is forward looking, it does not call on the past, it does not call on dead civilizations or empires, princess, princesses, gods, or demigods, liberty already acknowledges the past, the past is settled and cannot be undone, liberty deals with the present moment, it is the entire society dealing with the present moment, not calling on some elite to solve a problem thus sustaining the past of that elite but dealing with the present moment. Liberty merely says we are all human and must contribute to the society as such with our own efforts, not giving our efforts to an elite.

Bailouts are simply giving societies efforts to an elite and sustaining the past and keeping that elite going for another generation, bailouts are simply to sustain an elite, never to sustain a society no matter what lies leaders of that society say, bailouts look to the past, to sustain those of the past even if they are corrupted.

Liberty and freedom warn us of the past, it warns us of history repeating itself when liberty and freedom are not present. Liberty recognizes that when people are not free those claiming to be brave as they uphold a system when met with equally armed people they are oppressing are suddenly not so brave, that is why they always demand to be armed better, everyone is brave when they are in an armored vehicle and stones are being thrown at them. Everyone is brave when they are in a fighter jet and are fighting an AK – 47, liberty understands the falsehoods of this bravado, and says it is better people are free to use their efforts to improve society rather than wasting efforts looking for ways to fight oppression.

Oppression always begins with a government protecting an elite and the lies that follow from there, be they cultural lies like need to bailout elite to protect everybody else, this is merely looking at the past, or scientific falsehoods that some are genetically superior than others.

Liberty understands that an oppressed people must eventually fight and kill off their oppressors, that is the way of the human, the opponent must be killed, as the oppressor has willingly been killing the people physically and spiritually robbing them of being human, turning them into lessor humans. Liberty wants to avoid this past. In a proper uprising not only are humans to be killed but the economic infrastructure of the oppressor must be destroyed, as the oppressor is fighting to keep others poor, what is built by man can be rebuilt by man.

Liberty alone recognizes common people, that we are all just common people, conservatives believe some elite is above the common people, at it’s most raw it just says the basis of elitism one must belong to a certain race, ethnicity, religion. Socialists believe in the elite of committees, the elite of the politburo, and the committees that are there to direct the people, at their most raw they believe these committees must be filled with people who come from a certain race, ethnicity, religion, or background. Liberty does away with all this nonsense, it says we must all be or the past must repeat itself at some point, death must come to purify the evil.

Liberty is like the meditation master that recognizes we must accept the present, the past is the past.  

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Break up the Banks: The Fascist Con

America is the heart of the global fascist movement, of big business in cohorts with the government. It is the heart of the fascist movement not only in terms of practicality but ideologically, and big business through giant media has willingly approved and called the fascism free markets. In reality the US government is run to protect the interest of the elite and the wealthiest of wealthy families, the top 0.1%.

The Republican party spent generations fighting against Roosevelt’s initiative the Glass Steagall act in the name that it was against the free market, not forgetting when the act was initiated it was for the protection received from Roosevelt's government at the time, he basically printed money for the big banks so that they could survive, same thing as Bush jnr. and Obama. In time the depression was forgotten and calls where heard that more money could be made by the elite if Glass Steagall was out of the way, and the Rhodes scholar, Harvard and Oxford educated Clinton complied, then within a decade troubles had become unsurmountable and soon things broke down again and there was Yale educated Bush in the name of saving freedom gave the elite trillions, as well as Harvard educated Obama. These are crooks, nothing but crooks.

Let us look at recent memory, the collapse of Lehman Brothers and the economic chaos that followed. Again the market had decided the banking sector needed change, and it signaled this by the impeding collapse that was due when Lehman announced bankruptcy. The market had decided a corrupt sector was no longer viable and it would have to collapse and something new would come and replace it decided by the people, not by a government, not by an elite sector, decided by the market, and the market is be definition the people. As in all systems run by an elite for an elite in America, in Europe, the elite stood up ignored the will of the people and decided they must save themselves and their fortunes, and who was there, the governments they controlled.

The market would have had the banks bankrupt and broken up and that elite that had concentrated wealth in its hands would have seen those ill gotten gains lost in the form of shares they owned in these corrupt and corrupted institutions. But they where saved by printing money, and this has resulted in worst inequality of wealth in generations, well what do people expect when they say they are smarter than the market, instead of being punished for corruption they where rewarded with the greatest printing of money in history such that now, there is no billionaire one can admire as it mostly can be traced to printed money, government assistance and culture of the insider.

Now the same elite is talking of breaking up the banks, they want to break up the banks in a manner that benefits them, they want to control the process so that they keep their ill gotten gains, gains legally from Bush jnr. Obama, Europe and Chinese governments all of course copying the lead of the Milton Friedman inspired theft of print money for the banks. Everything about the elite, every policy is meant to benefit them only, and they call it all free market, they call bailing out banks free market, they call corporate trade deals free market, they truly think they are fooling people, indeed they are, blacks still love Obama even though statistics have shown that under Obama they have fallen further and further behind, they use tricks of lies and the media.

Today there is talk of breaking up the banks from both Democratic and Republican party nominees from the presidency of the USA. Hypocrisy of the worst kind, the market had already done that and both parties refused because it would have meant new players in the banking sector as top insiders would have had to exit for their absolute corruption and incompetence

The system is completely rigged, that one needs a will of iron to continue, the corruption starts at the top and infests the entire society, it becomes a culture as everybody sees those supposedly representing the people dishing out goodies and contracts to a wealthy elite. The system is corrupted from the government giving favors to the elite to a union foreman giving a job, to those sweeping the streets, it becomes culture. A free society has no bailouts, government is kept small such that we do not hear hypocrisy of banks needing to be broken down when the market had already done that but it would have done it in a manner not favorable to the elite who desire inter-generational theft, in order to finance their fraternities start ups and call them geniuses. 

Bhekuzulu Khumalo



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